Computer Science Engineering in India

Total Students enrolled 3,15,209

Students placed 1,20,943

Programs must be written for people to read, and only incidentally for machines to execute.

Civil Engineering in India

Total Students enrolled 2,93,021

Students placed 50,697

My Building Will be my Legacy.They will speak for me, long after I'm gone!.

Mechanical Engineering in India

Total Students enrolled 4,77,736

Students placed 1,39,162

From Screwing to Manufacturing..We do it all.

Electrical and Electronics Engineering in India

Total Students enrolled 2,25,022

Students placed 68,911

Peace be amplified, world be rectified.

Electronics and Communication Engineering in India

Total Students enrolled 2,46,521

Students placed 1,10,472

Where doping is the way of life.

Engineering Statistics in India


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0 + Technical Faculties
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Unique Features

The program is backbone by a strong R & D team from various IITs across India.

More than 50 industry professionals involved in delivering the match points.

Students can change their career path at any point of time.

The students can learn the course of choice from place of choice with unlimited access at convenient time.

Unlimited number of workshops.

Limitless Possibilities, Unlimited Learning

Learning can happen anywhere on any device using the state of art technology for faster streaming and any time learning

Why We Are The Best

ekalasaala will shape the future by building bridges with industry and between disciplines, institutions and communities.

ekalasaala is not just training institute. We know what every person wants when he come for training with ekalasaala and we let him feel free to start speaking and let us know how he feels.

ekalasaala periodically conducts series of tests to our instructors to make them update with latest world versions.

ekalasaala special qualities

  • Class room notes
  • Online Test series
  • E-books
  • Campus Recuritment Training
  • Personality Development
  • Yoga
  • Video Lectures
  • College to Core
  • Doubt Forum
  • Great Material
  • Flexible time Shifting

These are our features and it makes us the world’s best. We proudly say that we are the only one who provides such a great level of training. Come and make career with us.